It’s a Team Game.

Equipped with scientific know-how, committed to redefine the boundaries of plant-based dairy indulgence. Meet the Team:

Discovered plant fat’s similarity to milk fat during his doctorate at Wageningen University. He’s since honed his skills through training and incubators, fueling his innovative journey with Time Travelling Milkman.
Dimitris Karefyllakis

Co-founder & CEO

A Creative and Disciplined product developer, joined our team in August 2020 after completing her Master’s in Sustainable Food Process Engineering at Wageningen University.
Saskia Tersteeg

Co-founder & R&D Manager

Renowned expert in lipid and protein science, known for his work on Oleosomes and organizing the field’s first international conference.
Costas Nikiforidis

Co-founder & Scientific Advisor

An Assistant researcher/product developer, with an MSc in Food Technology from Wageningen University, specializing in Food Ingredient Functionality and Product Design.
Foivi Nikolaou

Application Specialist

Finance executive with a significant breadth of experience. He has built strong business acumen resulting from the demanding roles in multinational companies mainly in the Consumer Goods sector.
George Nikiforidis

Commercial Advisor

Commercial executive with exceptionally valuable experience as entrepreneur and food ingredient business. Committed to leaving the world a better place.
Ad van Vught

Commercial Advisor

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